General Objective

“Foster and facilitate the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills by women entrepreneurs (present and future) who are interested in the social sectors through their participation in VET trainings and through the training of the professionals who support them (VET trainers and business coaches).”

Specific objective 1

“Supporting Women Social entrepreneurs access to finance as to support the sustainability and competitiveness of their social enterprises in the labour markets.”

Specifica Objective 2

“Raise awareness on the main obstacles’ women entrepreneurs encounter running/starting up a social enterprise and making it sustainable in the long run.”

Expected main results of the project

  • 1. Increase the knowledge of VET providers and business coaches on the already existing good and best practices in the field of social entrepreneurship, also increasing their awareness regarding the possibilities it offers to women-led startups and already existing women-led enterprises.

  • 2. Increase the knowledge of present women entrepreneurs and investors on the topics stated above, as a way of obtaining a multiplier effect on social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial sectors as a whole.

  • 3. Supporting the creation of locally based socially-oriented startups.